At Oceania DigitalX, we address a critical challenge: the limited access to culturally relevant education and a deep-seated mistrust between Aboriginal businesses and non-Indigenous stakeholders. These barriers severely hinder the development of vital skills and capabilities, directly impacting the growth and success of Aboriginal-owned enterprises. By investing in our programs, you will help break down these barriers, enabling sustainable economic and social advancement through entrepreneurship and education. Your support will not only create equitable opportunities but also act as a catalyst for enduring change within Indigenous communities across Oceania


Education, Employment and Entrepreneurialship empower Indigenous Communities

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of all Australian’s, aged between 25-34 have a formal qualification (Treasury)

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of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, aged between 25-34 have a formal qualification (ABS)

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Australian’s and Non-Australian’s with workers rights are registered as currently employed in Australia 2021

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were registered as currently employed in Australia 2021 (AIHW)

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active businesses in Australia in June 2023.  Both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous.  (ABS)


Aboriginal businesses registered as an Indigenous Suppliers in the financial year ending 2022 (Supply Nation)

The disparity between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous statistics is a combination of education and opportunity.  Higher education levels contribute to higher skills and better employment outcomes.  Geographic location contributes to access and opportunity for most indigenous, and although Indigenous Business Owners are on the rise, they are a small fraction of overall business owners. (OECD)

The information presented above is sourced from the Australia Bureau of Statistic, and includes information from the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, the Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Report, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework.
Australian Bureau of Statistic 2020 Report.
National Agreement on Closing the Gap.
Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Report
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework,cent%20to%2073.0%20per%20cent.


At Oceania Digital X we are Promoting Diversity, Empowering Communities, and Driving Economic Growth through Education and Business Support and Growth Programs

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of our scholarship students identify as female 


Indigenous communities impacted with 639 Scholarships across the world

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average revenue increase per business achieved during the program

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of our students come from remote or regional areas

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Oceania Indigenous House of Ecommerce is a registered Charity with Donation Gift Recipient status. By partnering with Oceania DigitalX, you can help build capacity in Indigenous communities, creating flexible and remote job opportunities that make traditional employment more accessible to Aboriginal people facing different social and economic barriers. With your support, Oceania can continue to help Indigenous entrepreneurs and community organisations collaborate and create a stronger, more resilient economy.


Limited access to culturally appropriate education and training programs, coupled with a history of mistrust between Aboriginal businesses and non-Indigenous stakeholders, is a reality that’s holding back the development of necessary skills and capabilities, ultimately impacting the growth and success of Aboriginal-owned businesses. The inequality Indigenous communities face is a serious issue that requires our collective attention.

“When we work together to help Indigenous people in business –

We are more powerful.”



Jenny Khan
The Unexpected Guest

Dominic Smith
Pundi Produce & Bitters

Dale Chapman
My Dilly Bag
Alfred Priestley
Gomeroi Dreaming
Marjorie Cumming
Strong Deadly Yorgas Mentorship & Training
Brinae Smith
Darkeye Dreaming
Fern Martins
Inheritance Art Designs
Tessa Brown
Lajala the Label

Rhona Conn
Milne Bay Organics

Tania Willis
Willis Natural Medicine

Aggie Pigram
Ardi’ol – Bardi Arts & Cultural Experiences

Cailin Cooper

Cooper Delivered

Temaana Sanderson-Bromley
Mardlaapa Designs

Patrick Stong “Gudge”

Strong Movement


Donna Marie Wate
Mere Care Company Limited

Renae Hunt

Koort Management Employment & Training



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